If you don't help Vanir, he might die from being overworked. Shame on you.

This is, as the title implies, a to-do list for WikiFeila. Projects that need to be worked on, as well as suggestions for what you can add, are displayed here. Anyone can tackle the articles that are linked to on this page. You don't need to be the first one to offer help, or stand in line. Be bold, edit at will.

Projects in Need of Particular Attention[]

The areas of Feila need articles, and for those that already have stubs, those could do to be expanded. Everything from countries to villages may be wiki-fied.

The following areas have stubs that could use some work.

A various list of articles that need created can be found at Wanted Pages.

Ideas for New Articles[]

User Article

If you haven't already, the first thing you might want to do is create a user article. A user article is where you can place personal information about yourself, your fursona if you have one, and your role-playing characters at Feila. Please do not create separate pages for your role-playing characters, as there's too many characters with the same name, and only one character can have an article under a specific name. We reserve "name" pages for characters that are important to Feila's world, such as royals and officially recognized outlaws. An example of a user article can be viewed here.

When creating a user article, make the title exactly the same or as close as possible to your username at the Feila forum -- This does not refer to your WikiFeila username or the WikiFeila forum. If you cannot make the article title similar to your username at the Feila forum, then use a well-known nickname instead. If you do not already have an account at the Feila forum, it is suggested that you register one. Otherwise, there's not any reason for you to create a user article here, as user articles on this wiki are only for members of the Feila forum.

Animal information

WikiFeila is also a host for general animal information. This is to help users with the creation and understanding of furry characters, since Feila is a furry-based forum and world. If you have knowledge to share about a certain animal, you could create an article consisting of facts on that animal, or if an article already exists on the animal that you want to write about, you could help by adding information to the existing article. For an example of an informational article on animals, see here.

Furry Information

Since WikiFeila is largely based on furries, we are a source for general furry information. If you have wisdom of furries, you could create or add to articles about furries.