[[User Talk:{{{name}}}|TALK]] - {{{time}}}


Insert the following code into a template page (Title the new article... Template:YourName) with the image and name sections filled out with your chosen avatar and name. Try to use a title for the template that is as similar to your WikiFeila username as possible, or if you are a member of the Feila forum, please use a title that is either exact or close to your Feila username. Your avatar can be an existing image on WikiFeila, or you can upload one. All avatars are automatically resized when used in a UserTalk template (There is no manual resizing required by the user).

Make sure to remove the *'s (There are a total of three), or the code will NOT work properly.

|time= {{{time}}}
|text= {{{text}}}

<*noinclude> *Category:UserTalk Templates <*/noinclude>

Once you have created a template page for your UserTalk speech bubble, you can link to that template by using the code shown below. You would use your UserTalk speech bubble whenever making a comment on another user's page or at the Community Portal. It is basically a fancy way of leaving comments on WikiFeila.

{{Insert name of template here
|time= ~~~~~
|text=Write your message here