The taur is an invention of the furry fandom. They are a cross between a sentient animal and its feral counterpart, for they have the torso of the former perched on the four-legged body of the latter. The most immediate comparison (And the origin of the name) is the centaur, although mostly you will find that taurs have animal heads and are furred on their upper torso. "Taur" is actually a suffix, attached to the name of the species, examples being "foxtaur", "cheetaur", "skunktaur", and "wolftaur", the latter being one of the most popular. The chakat is also a variety of taur.

As of yet, there are only four members who make regular use of a taur character on the Feila forum, and these are Draken, Miktar, Silvermane, and Flickerfinger.

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