Cherish, a skinned Red-winged Blackbird, as drawn by Madame

Skin Avian are the only humanoid furries in Feila, in that they have "human" bodies, except with feathered wings and a tail, claws, fangs, and pointed ears. Skinned Avian often have natural markings on their bodies of differing colors, shapes, sizes, and placements. They have hair on their heads just like humans do, except that their hair is often so stiff and short that it spikes upwards. Skin Avian feathers and hair can be a wide variety of colors and patterns just like their more primitive and fully feathered beast cousins.

As a race, Skin Avian have a special, genetic resistance to showing signs of aging, such as the general decadence of the outer body. However, there is still some noticeable pigment loss over the years, such as in the hair and feathers. The skin may also become paler. Most Beaked Avian do not show this same trait, though, a rare few do. The reasons for this inherent resistance to aging is unknown.

Gustavo, a skinned Greater Bird of Paradise, as drawn by Madame

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