Joined: November 28th, 2007 Age: 18

Silvermane, or Silver for short, has been a furry for about three years now. He has so far created three characters on the World of Feila.

Chakat Silvermane, Daughter of Nighteye and Mountainwind: One of only two chakats on the forum, shi has pure white fur and a long silver "mane" of hair, hence hir name.

Sharlyn Torrahel: A member of the infamous Torrahel clan, Sharlyn is a dragon/cat hybrid. She sports a beautiful pair of red dragon wings, connected to a feline body covered in soot-colored fur. The most interesting part about her is she has a split personality: One cruel and cunning, the other overly affectionate and caring.

Silvermane, Midas Area character: A black furred fennec mage with silver hair.

In the real world, Silver is a senior in high school with a healthy interest in the arts, being mostly ceramics. He likes to read and has a bit of a lazy streak.