Rogan Windrider (The user) isn't anything special in Feila, though he loves the place with all his heart and would do anything to keep it running (Cept he's flat broke, so money's out of the question). He fell in love with the place shortly after joining it, and feels like he's grown on the members there. (Kind of like a fungus, except you keep it. ^.^)

Medieval Characters on FeilaEdit

Rogan Windrider is the current Skipper of Otters, and Captain of the Otter of the Ocean. He's currently serving in the Gawain Royal Navy, and is also searching for a crew for his ship. His only real problem tends to be pirates, as he finds they lack honor, or a proper ship.

Ferhago the Assassin((Named borrowed from the Redwall series)) is an Assassin from a distant land that he won't speak of. He's been hired for many small jobs, mainly by people who just want to see a "problem" get lost in the jungle and eaten by a feral. His only job that's ever failed was the attempt on the Ruler of Maze, one Prince Willis "Twitchy" Bree. He was hired by an unknown factor, and has yet to be paid for his services. His current hiding spot is unknown, and he's thought to be dead. He holds a distinct disliking for a flopp-eared rabbit that serves Prince Bree, and hopes to slide a dagger into said rabbits ribs one day.

Cyrus Kanon is the only(I think) known Sorcerer in Feila today, and is almost instantly noticed. Not because of his size(Being a bear makes one stand out), but because of the horns that rest on his head. His history is mostly unknown, and he won't speak about it much. He currently serves Prince Willis Bree as the Court Sorcerer and Battle Mage for the Kingdom of Maze.

Joseph Torrahel is the eldest Torrahel. He loves seeing his siblings, but won't show it. He's also damn good in a fight, as the staff he carries has very useful properties. Mainly, knocking people on the head.

Tathar Telemnar is a fanatic server of the Ruler of the Kahun Dynasty, and reall hates it when furs enter Kahun. After all, the place was made just perfect for Lizards and Reptiles. Not a bunch of runts who need fur to stay warm.

Lunar is a winged fox who resides in the Kingdom of Maze, and has met only one fur in his life. A changeling by the name of Feldai. He is currently trying to avoid being killed by the Kingdom of Domus and the Territory of the Ravens. After all, if Dragons were disliked, what would happen to a fox with wings?