Osprey77 (or oz, if you want to call her that) is rather new to Felia, but loving every minute! She found it by word-of-mouth from her older brother, and was eager to try it out.

She enjos writting, acting, and singing, and being as much of a day-dreamer as her school schedule allows. She doesn't have a "fursona" so to say, but her character Kasha la Fey, (see below) is a lot like her in personality, so could be considered her fursona.

She has two role-playing characters now on Felia, and one active thread, set in medieval Edwin.

That's all she has for now, but scroll down to meet her two characters, Kasha la Fey and Bardon Thespian.



Kasha la Fey is a black cat/raven hybrid raised in a theatrical troupe that traveled between Edwin and Gawain. After discovering her rare type of Magic (called "Fey Magic") Kasha enrolled at Unseen University with her close friend, Bardon. The University heard of a village of Fey users to the north in Edwin, and sent Kasha and Bardon, in the guise of strolling minstrels, to test the rumor. Kasha is quiet and reserved, for the most part, but recently has been known to come out of her shell and kid around.

Bardon Thespian is a ginger-and-white cat with some squirrel in his ancestry. He was raised in the same troupe as Kasha, and has travelled with her on nearly all her adventures. Where Kasha is reserved, Bardon is anything but. Enrgetic and enthusiatic, he can also be charming if needs be, so he does most of the talking. However, if he disagrees with a person, all tactfulness goes out the window, and it's up to Kasha's quiet common sense to restore peace.