Miktar has been a furry for a little over a year and has so far created eight characters on the Feila forum. He joined the Feila forum on March 9th of 2007. He is a senior in high school with a strong interest in computers and science. He likes to read, play video games, and listen to music.

Medieval Characters on Feila[]

Chakat Nightfire, Daughter of Flame and Midnight One of only two Chakats on the forum, shi has jet black fur, with fire-red streaks running down the sides of hir body. Hir parents named hir after the way that the red streaks stood out in the dark and looked like small lines of fire.

Kris Torrahel A member of the infamous Torrahel Clan, Kris is a bipedal American Red Fox. He has a very muscular build and almost always obeys orders. He also manages the Singing Fox Tavern in the Kingdom of Domus.

Miktar A white-furred bipedal Arctic Fox that is only used in the Midas Arena.

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