Sketch of Dayv Bowii, by LuckySkunk

LuckySkunk is a user of the Feila forum, with a fursona of a charismatic Skunk. Despite that he has been an active user of Feila since his inception in late August 2008, he has not done much role-playing yet. His attendance at Feila is actually his first real experience in a role-playing forum.

A few of his sketches can be found on his art page at the Feila forum, found here.

LuckySkunk's Role-playing Characters on Feila[edit | edit source]

Dayv Bowii Dayv Bowii is LuckySkunk's first character, and is his respective fursona. A twenty-four-year-old Skunk born and raised in Glasgow, Fortriu by his father Doyl, Dayv is a handsome and charismatic character. A traveling gambler, Dayv wanders between cities throughout the Feila world, meeting folks and making money wherever he can. With a specific "weakness" for women, Dayv has honed his literary intellect and wit into a well-tuned form of charm, which he also uses to engage with other characters in Feila as he has little to no interest in combat. However, he can fight when needed, as the amount of time he spends in taverns has lead him to learn how to brawl.

He stands at 5'10", sports an athletic build, and has a black coat with a singular white stripe from the end of his tail to the tip of his nose. His fur is well kept, and he has no real distinguishable physical characteristics, except for a sweeping long fringe and a "nice smile".

Dayv is used in the Medieval RPs, but also has a modern iteration, with an entirely new character built around him.

Flo Braddock[edit | edit source]

Flo Braddock is LuckySkunk's most recent character addition. Created for a Superhero RP, Flo is LuckySkunk's second official character. An eighteen-year-old high school graduate, Flo is characterised mainly by her skills in freerunning and parkour. Although yet to obtain her "super powers", Flo is written to have superhuman agility, acrobatics, reactions and eye-sight, thanks to her focused training in the skills of parkour.

Standing at a short 5'0", Flo is an athletic wallaby with short orange hair and a small frame.

Flo is set to be used in the Modern Superhero RPs.

References[edit | edit source]

Dayv Bowii's Character Sheet on Feila

Flo Braddock's Character Sheet on Feila

Sketch of Dayv Bowii by LuckySkunk on Feila

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