A Furry is an anthropomorphic animal. Synonyms for furry include the terms "fur" and "anthro."

"Anthropomorphizing" is not new. In a literary context, it means to apply human-like qualities to an object or animal; for example, "The lock stubbornly refused to yield to the thief's prying dagger, and argued with him for several tense minutes until it gave up and grudgingly clicked open." In art, it means to restructure the face and/or body of an animal, subtlety or otherwise, to make it seem more human. Bugs Bunny and Fox McCloud are two examples of this on a furry scale.

While anthropomorphic animal-type characters are typically thought of as being furry, some people also identify themselves as "furry", whether simply because they are a fan of furry art or due to a deeper, sometimes spiritual connection with furry characters.

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