The Most Honourable Edwin Trading Company is an extensive trading organisation, which originated in Edwin. In 1707 the King gave the ETC a Royal Charter, which gave the Company a monopoly over the Edwinish establishments in the Territory of the Ravens. The Company now effectively ruled trade in the area. Seeing as the colony was so new, the ETC were mainly concerned with importing goods for profit. It's main project for the colonies is the Territory of the Ravens Trade, which supplies weapons, certain foods, farm animals, condiments, tea, luxuries like chocolate, alcoholic drinks, paint and marble for a few important buildings going up. In return, the trade ships come back to Edwin with the money. The ETC also trades with all Edwin's allies, Gawain, Kahun, Yamaha and the Arctic Islands. All ETC goods are stamped with the logo of the letters E, T and Co.

Demise Edit

The Company was abolished in 1853 after her success in the Age of Muskets, as its capabilities were severely doubted by the Edwinish monarchy in keeping the Territory of the Ravens monopolised following the end of the Second Hundred Years War in 1815.