Map of the Arctic Islands

The Arctic Islands are the ninth role-playing area of the Feila forum, and were not originally available as a place to role-play. The concept of the islands' culture was designed by Zeru, and a role-playing board was opened for the islands on December 03, 2006. Despite its late entrance as a playable area in the Feila world, the islands have always existed as a part of the official Feila map.

Medieval Age[edit | edit source]

These snowy islands are home to arctic animals. Since its recent discovery by the outside world, the Islands have become a popular tourist spot, and the newfound attention has had both positive and negative effects on the island's natives and land. The peoples of the Arctic Islands are dependent on fishing as their major source of food and economy. Due to the extremely harsh climate, there is no agriculture to speak of, though agricultural products from other countries are quite the rage. The "unique" species are species whose genealogy can only be traced back to the Arctic Islands. Though a rare few can be traced back to the northern-most parts of Yamaha, suggesting migrations in the far past. The ruler of this time is Prince Belinus.

Age of Muskets[edit | edit source]

Similar to Russia, the Arctic Islands, a Sovereignty in this age, are loyal to Edwin against Domus, though they are quite a weak nation with no specialty in the armed forces. They are a poorer nation, as well, and only come into conflict when the defense of their own borders is a major concern. The Islands are a tourist destination, and the local Edwin Trading Company mining industries are doing themselves a fair amount of profit.

Age of Steam[edit | edit source]

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the Arctic Islands in this age with a number of groups vying for control of the unfortunate little country, a Parliamentary Monarchy. Missionaries from other lands, especially Maze, are in competition for the souls of the Island creatures with the traditional shamans and those seeking the crystal mines that are slowly disappearing due to over mining. The government has little power and little motivation to do anything as trade due to crystal sales has been raking in money that is then funneled into the pockets of crooked politicians.

Age of Drive-by Shootings[edit | edit source]

Religious turmoil has broken out. Tension between the traditional shamans, missionaries from other countries, and crystal hunters have finally snapped. The few crystal mines left are almost completely depleted. A parliament has been in place for centuries now.

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